Where to walk in Winston-Salem

Top Places to Walk

One of our favorite things about Winston-Salem is all the wonderful places to walk. From neighborhoods, to trails, Winston is full of places to explore if you are an outdoor lover. Here are some of our favorite places to walk or run in Winston.


Graylyn Estate

Graylyn Estate is a luxury hotel near Reynolda Village. It is full of beautiful architecture, gorgeous landscape, and no matter where you look you feel like you are in a charming French Village. Walk past the main building to find the Mews and bridge. I highly recommend walking Graylyn when the sun is setting.

Long Branch Trail

Long Branch Trail runs from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, through Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, under Business 40, to Salem Creek Greenway. In total the trail is 1.6 miles long. You are guaranteed to see beautiful views of the city and lots of dogs on the trail!

Reynolda Gardens & Trails

Everyone in Winston knows and loves Reynolda Village, but did you know there are walking trails behind the village? Walk past the garden, past the Reynolda house, and keep walking as if you are walking to Graylyn. You will see a large field and a path begin. Along the path you will see bee keeping drawers/containers. Follow this path until you end up at a fork. Go left to take you straight back to the village, and go right for a longer path where you will come across a bridge, ponds and benches.

Hanes Park

In the heart of West End is Hanes Park. It is a great place to play sports, play on the playground, and throw a frisbee, but it is also great for walking. It is full of bridges that take you to the track and tennis courts. Highly recommend going in the fall – the leaves are incredible.

Salem Lake

7 miles of mostly shaded walking, biking, running paths. This trail great for long walks or runs/ It is a little hilly at some points, but the shade from the trees is perfect. You are bound to see a bunch of turtles sitting on logs in the lake.

Muddy Creek Greenway

A flat greenway with beautiful views of fields. Muddy Creek Greenway runs nearly three miles along Muddy Creek from Country Club Road, through Jamison Park, under Robinhood Road, and terminating at the bridge to the Summerfield Development opposite Jefferson Elementary School. Chances are good you will see some horses on  This is a great place to go roller blading as well.

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